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Started in 2004 the Globe's Pub Quiz is a non-profit pub quiz, benefiting the MS Society of Illinois, through the MS 150 team, mopundow. Quizmaster Dave runs the quiz every Tuesday night from 8-10 in the back room of the Globe Pub, 1934 W Irving Park Road, Chicago. All questions contained herein are property of the quizmaster(s), except where noted, and are not to be used without permission.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Questions from the 100th Pub Quiz Spectacular!!!

Round 1
Not Again, Said Aldrin
12 points

1) How many Apollo missions landed on the moon?

2) Which shuttle was the first to be launched?

3) What are the names of the two martian rovers?

4) What president created NASA?

5) After Skylab reentered the Earth’s atmosphere in 1979, wreckage was found on what continent?

6) What was the USA’s first satellite called?

7) Mariner 10’s primary mission was to study what planet?

8) The space shuttle’s official acronym is STS. What does STS stand for? A) space transportation system b) space transport shuttle c) shuttle to space

9) What two Bugs Bunny characters are depicted on the Mars Rover mission patches?

10) Which Voyager probe visited 4 planets, #1 or #2?

Round 2

Live from New York
12 points

1) What character is known for putting her hands under her armpits and smelling them when she gets nervous?

2) On what date did 'Saturday Night Live' first air? A) September 20, 1975 B) September 27, 1975 C) October 11, 1975 D) October 4, 1975

3) This Canadian-born player appeared in "Three Amigos," worked with Pee-Wee Herman, and did voices for "The Smurfs" before appearing on "Saturday Night Live." Who is he?

4) The character Beldar Conehead does what job for a living?

5) Three men share the record for the being tallest cast member on "Saturday Night Live" at a towering 6'4. Chevy Chase is one, for 2pts name the other two.

6) Which of the SNL alumni found herself in Chicago recently to portray "Elphaba' in the musical "Wicked". A) Laraine Newman B) Jan Hooks C) Ana Gasteyer D) Nora Dunn

7) When Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon became the anchors of "Weekend Update" they resurrected the closing catchphrase "Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow." Who originated this phrase?

8) Who is the only US president to open the show with, "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night".

9) Name the character responsible for penning such books as "Exercises of Love" and "I Wanna be a Ho"

10) What SNL participant was Gilda Radner married to before Gene Wilder?

11) On characters Wayne and Garth's "Top Ten Babes of All Time" list who was number one?

Round 3
Match- History by the Centuries
13 points

Round 4
Bizarro World (movies)
16 points

1) Over Relaxation

2) The Minor or the Major

3) Hug You Smart

4) Hate Out the Before Noon

5) The Neves Day Scratch

6) Sunset Boulevard

7) None Hate it Cold

8) The House


Round 5
Dead or Canadian Women’s Makeup or Apparel?
10 points

1) Rimmel

2) Stila

3) Two Lips

4) O•P•I

5) Miss Sixty

6) Lorac

7) Dollhouse

8) Miu Miu

9) Tony and Tina

10) Joan and David

Round 6
Picture Round
15 points

Round 7
General Knowledge
22 points

1) A natatorium is what type of amenity?

2) What causes Lily Tomlin to shrink in the 1981 film The Incredible Shrinking Woman?

3) Which Mediterranean plant used in medicine and magic was said to shriek when pulled from the ground?

4) Who plays "Dr. McDreamy" on the TV show "Grey's Anatomy?

5) In golf, if you choose to retake a poor shot, what is it called?

6) Who wrote the novel A Clockwork Orange?

7) Which geographical feature in the United States was once filled with a lake, approximately 600 feet deep, called Lake Manly?

8) Name the musical that features the songs "Big, Blonde And Beautiful", "Good Morning Baltimore" and "Cooties."

9) What is Hanson's disease commonly known as?

10) Which NHL team is known to their fans as 'The Habs'?

11) What Pixies song was played for the Mars Rover Opportunity when it “woke up” after a software update and reboot? A) Here Comes Your Man b) Monkey Gone to Heaven c) U-Mass d) Where Is My Mind?

Tiebreaker: According to NYCDOT What is the total length including approaches of all the bridges that span the East River in New York City? Express your answer in feet.


At 4:14 PM, Blogger The Globe's Pub Quiz said...

Round 1

1) 6- 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17
2) Columbia
3) Spirit and Opportunity
4) Eisenhower
5) Australia
6) Explorer-1 or Satellite 1958 Alpha
7) Mercury
8) a) Space Transportation System
9) Duck Dodgers (Opportunity) and Marvin the Martian (Spirit)
10) 2

Round 2

1) Mary Katherine Gallagher
2) b) 9/27/75
3) Phil Hartman
4) Driving School Instructor
5) Randy Quaid, Kevin Nealon
6) c) Ana Gasteyer
7) Chevy Chase
8) Gerald Ford
9) Velvet Jones
10) GE Smith
11) Madonna
Round 3

1) F
2) B
3) H
4) J
5) D
6) C
7) K
8) I
9) L
10) M
11) G
12) A
13) E

Round 4

1) Under Pressure
2) The Major and the Minor
3) Kiss Me, Stupid
4) Love in the Afternoon
5) The Seven Year Itch
6) Sunrise Highway
7) Some Like It Hot
8) The Apartment

Link: Movies written by Billy Wilder, who was born in 1906.

Round 5

1) Makeup
2) Makeup
3) Apparel
4) Makeup
5) Apparel
6) Makeup
7) Apparel
8) Apparel
9) Makeup
10) Apparel

Round 6

1) Lon Chaney, Jr.
2) Queen Mum
3) Bugsy Siegel
4) Muffaletta Sandwich
5) Grandma Moses
6) C. Montgomery Burns
7) Bob Hope
8) Mt. Vesuvius
9) Estee Lauder
10) Leonid Brezhnev
11) Mary Astor
12) Victrola
13) Morse Code- SOS
14) George Burns
15) Teddy Roosevelt

Round 7

1) Swimming Pool
2) Perfume
3) Mandrake
4) Patrick Dempsey
5) Mulligan
6) Anthony Burgess
7) Death Valley
8) Hairspray
9) Leprosy
10) Montreal Canadiens
11) d) Where is My Mind?
Tiebreaker: 27,682 feet


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