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Monday, June 05, 2006

Questions from 5/30

Round 1
You can put your mind at ease
11 points

1) How many classes of aircraft carriers are currently in service in the US Navy?

2) The US Pacific Fleet headquarters is on what Hawaiian island?

3) What is the Navy Rating for an Aircrew Survival Equipmentman? A) AE b) ASE c) ES d) PR

4) The Battle of Hampton Roads pitted what two ships against each other?

5) What year was the song In the Navy released by the Village People?

6) What is the hull classification symbol of the USS Nimitz?

7) Where was the USS Maine when it sank?

8) What president presided the ceremony that interred the remains of John Paul Jones into the US Naval Academy Chapel? A) George Washington b) James Madison c) Teddy Roosevelt d) George W Bush

9) What is the name of the last battleship built by the US Navy?

10) What is the number of the US Fleet which operates in the Atlantic Ocean?

Round 2
Dirt Toe, Ham Icing
12 points

1) Was Detroit ever the capital of Michigan?

2) What two cities are completely encircled by Detroit?

3) According to 2004 crime statistics, in which of the following does Detroit’s crime rate fall below the national average: Assault, Auto Theft, Burglary, Homocide, Larceny, Rape, or Robbery.

4) If you go due south from Detroit, what is the first foreign country you come to?

5) In the movie Detroit Rock City, at what venue did Kiss play?

6) Detroit’s population has been in a steady decline since what decade of the 20th century?

7) List two of the “Big Three” automakers that are based in Detroit.

8) Pontiac’s Rebellion was a siege of Fort Detroit to drive out occupiers from what country?

9) What county is Detroit the county seat of?

10) Coleman Young was Detroit’s first African-American mayor as well as the longest serving, with 5 terms in office. What year was he first elected mayor?

Round 3
Match Round- What's your URL?

Round 4
Bizarro World
16 points

1) Up Off My Elbows

2) He

3) Smoldering Age

4) Swallow

5) Swallow

6) Sane, Sane Days

7) Soft Misforthune Man

8) Roll or Rock None Day


Round 5
Dead Or Canadian – Gimme a Beat (Jack Kerouac or Allen Ginsberg)
10 points

1) Tristessa

2) Reality Sandwiches

3) Big Sur

4) Lonesome Traveler

5) The Gates of Wrath

6) Orpheus Emerged

7) Iron Horse

8) The Subterraneans

9) Atop an Underworld

10) Howl

Round 6
Picture Round
15 points

Round 7
General Knowledge
24 points

1) What was the capital of Australia prior to Canberra?

2) What are the three colors in the National Flag of the Republic of Chad?

3) How many of KISS’s original band members still play with the band?

4) In Greek mythology, how many muses are there?

5) What is the symbol for the chemical element Tungsten?

6) Orchids get their name from the Greek orchis, which means what?

7) What was Memorial Day originally called?

8) How many times in their team history have the Chicago Wolves not made the playoffs?

9) Which of the Muppet Movies came first?

10) How old is American Idol Season 6 winner Taylor Hicks?

Tiebreaker: What was the cost, in 1797 dollars, to build the USS Constitution?


At 8:16 AM, Blogger The Globe's Pub Quiz said...

Round 1

1) 4- Kitty hawk, Enterprise, John F Kennedy, and Nimitz
2) Oahu
3) PR
4) USS Monitor and CSS Virginia
5) 1979
6) CVN-68
7) Havana Harbor
8) Teddy Roosevelt
9) USS Missouri
10) Second Fleet

Round 2

1) Yes, from 1805 to 1847
2) Hamtramck and Highland Park
3) Larceny
4) Canada
5) Cobo Hall
6) 1950's
7) Ford, GM, Daimler Chrystler
8) Great Britain
9) Wayne County
10) 1973

Round 3

1) E
2) G
3) C
4) L
5) J
6) I
7) B
8) F
9) H
10) A
11) K
12) D

Round 4

1) Down On Your Knees
2) She
3) Flaming Youth
4) Spit
5) Nothin' to Lose
6) Crazy, Crazy Nights
7) Hard Luck Woman
8) Rock and Roll All Nite

Link: Kiss songs

Round 5

1) Kerouac
2) Ginsburg
3) Kerouac
4) Kerouac
5) Ginsburg
6) Kerouac
7) Ginsburg
8) Kerouac
9) Kerouac
10) Ginsburg

Round 6

1) L- Lyle Menendez R- Erik Menendez
2) Marion Robert Morrison aka John Wayne
3) Roubert Goulet
4) Oprah Winfrey
5) Cher
6) Elvis Presley
7) Kate Capshaw
8) Ira Hayes
9) Maria Conchita Alonso
10) Ted Williams
11) Laila Ali
12) J.R. Cash
13) Lynndie England
14) Janis Joplin

Round 7

1) Melbourne
2) Blue Red Yellow
3) Two
4) Nine
5) W
6) Testicle
7) Decoration Day or Rememberance Day
8) Once
9) The Muppet Movie
10) 29

Tiebreaker: $302,718


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