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Friday, May 12, 2006

Questions from 5/2/06

Round 1
Whip-Smart 8
11 points

1) Cinco de Mayo celebrates a Mexican victory over French invasion forces in what town?

2) What French emperor ruled Mexico in 1864-7?

3) What other two European countries also sent troops to Mexico in 1862 to collect debts?

4) Who was president of Mexico when the French invaded?

5) What is the northernmost Mexican state?

6) When is Mexico’s actual Independence Day?

7) What year is Vicente Fox’s term as president going to end?

8) When is the Mexican Labor Day?

9) Who led the victorious forces against the French on 5/5/1862? A) Juarez b) Santa Ana c) Villa d) Zaragoza

10) Who built Chichen Itza?

Round 2
Liquor in the Front
12 points

1) What year was the first World Series of Poker held?

2) What are the odds of getting a flush in 5-card stud? A) 254:1 b) 508:1 c) 693:1 d) 4,164:1

3) Community card games, such as Texas Hold ‘em, by what two other name are community cards called?

4) Draw and stud poker were developed during which war? A) Revolutionary b) War of 1812 c) Civil War d) Mexican-American War

5) After the US, what is the second winningest country at the World Series of Poker?

6) Put the following Texas Hold ‘em deals in order from first to last: Turn, River and Flop.

7) H.O.R.S.E is a form of poker returning to this year’s WSOP. What does the R stand for in H.O.R.S.E.?

8) What comedian said “last night I stayed up playing poker with Tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died?”

9) Which of the following is not a nickname of a WSOP winner? Fossilman, Jesus, Painless, Treetop

Round 3
Young Ones Match Round
Match the episode description to the title of the Young Ones Episode.

Round 4
Bizarro World
16 points

1) Flawed

2) The Thick Green Point

3) Foreign Calm

4) Suck In

5) The Private’s Son

6) Rural Bullgirl

7) Leaving Dead

8) Rind Fact


Round 5
DOC- B or J?
10 points

Decide whether the following trivia factoids are about Brittney Spears or Jessica Simpson.

1) Born 1981.

2) Middle name is Jean.

3) Born in Texas.

4) Debut album was Sweet Kisses.

5) Born in Mississippi.

6) Her father is a Baptist minister.

7) Her parents are divorced.

8) Born in 1980.

9) Her record label is Jive.

10) Had a guest shot on Will & Grace.

Round 6
Picture Round
Round 7
General Knowledge
24 points

1) Malcolm in the Middle star Justin Berfield bought the Simpson-Lachey mansion after their divorce. Which brother does Justin play on MITM?

2) What brand of computer was featured in the Bloom County comic strip?

3) Him spin a comedic loss is an anagram for what two words?

4) Britney Spears has released two perfumes. Name them.

5) How many people entered the first World Series of Poker? A) 7 b) 14 c) 21 d) 28

6) A republican from which state proposed House Resolution 4437?

7) What two countries fought the Falkland Islands War?

8) In 1978, this retail department store manufactured and sold an all-chocolate version of the board game Monopoly. Name it.

9) On the Young Ones, what was Vyvyan’s hamster's name?

10) What team did the Colorado Avalanche eliminate from the Stanley Cup playoffs on Sunday?

Tiebreaker: Add all the prices, rents, and rents with two houses for each property on a Monopoly board (excluding utilities and railroads). What number do you get?


At 7:02 AM, Blogger The Globe's Pub Quiz said...

Round 1

1) Puebla
2) Maximillian
3) Britain and Spain
4) Benito Juarez
5) Baja California
6) September 16th
7) 2006
8) May 1st
9) Zaragoza
10) Mayans

Round 2

1) 1970
2) 508:1
3) Shared or widow cards
4) Civil War
5) China
6) Flop, Turn, River
7) Razz
8) Steven Wright
9) Painless

Round 3

1) H
2) C
3) F
4) D
5) E
6) I
7) L
8) B
9) K
10) A
11) G
12) J

Round 4

1) Perfect
2) The Think Blue Line
3) Domestic Disturbance
4) Blow Out
5) The General's Daughter
6) Urban Cowboy
7) Staying Alive
8) Pulp Fiction

Link: John Travolta movies

Round 5

1) Brittney Spears
2) Brittney Spears
3) Jessica Simpson
4) Jessica Simpson
5) Brittney Spears
6) Jessica Simpson
7) Brittney Spears
8) Jessica Simpson
9) Brittney Spears
10) Brittney Spears

Round 6

1) Paris Hilton
2) Axl Rose
3) Madonna Ciccone and Chelsea Clinton
4) Vijay Singh
5) Carrie Underwood
6) Tyson Chandler
7) Lauren Ambrose
8) Robin Williams
9) Baby Spice/Emma Burton
10) Sipro Agnew
11) Jennifer Capriati
12) Shaggy
13) Annika Sorenstam
14) Huey Lewis

Round 7

1) Reese
2) Banana Junior
3) Mission Accomplished
4) Curious and In Control
5) 7
6) Wisconsin
7) Argentina and the UK
8) Nieman Marcus
9) Special Patrol Group
10) Dallas Stars

Tiebreaker: $10,601


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