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Started in 2004 the Globe's Pub Quiz is a non-profit pub quiz, benefiting the MS Society of Illinois, through the MS 150 team, mopundow. Quizmaster Dave runs the quiz every Tuesday night from 8-10 in the back room of the Globe Pub, 1934 W Irving Park Road, Chicago. All questions contained herein are property of the quizmaster(s), except where noted, and are not to be used without permission.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Questions from 5/9/06

Round 1
1/6th of the Village People- Native American trivia
11 points

1) Kim Basinger, Carmen Electra and Michael Jackson all trace part of their ancestry to what Native American Tribe?

2) What city recently repealed a 330-year-old law barring Native Americans from entering said city?

3) The Hopi Reservation is surrounded by what other tribe’s reservation? A) Apache b) Cherokee c) Navajo d) Tonawanda

4) What tribe was Ira Hayes a member of?

5) Name two of the three tribes that fought against the 7th Cavalry in the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

6) What was the title of the Johnny Cash’s Native American concept album?

7) Where is Pocahontas buried?

8) What tribe was present at the first Thanksgiving feast in 1621?

9) Which of the “Five Civilized Tribes” does not start with a C?

10) The Trail of Tears was the forced relocation of what tribe in 1838?

Round 2
Nudge Squared- Monty Python trivia
11 points

1) In the Life of Brian, what kind of fish did the old man say was good enough for Jehovah?

2) What two pythons were in the Nudge, Nudge sketch?

3) What year did the first episode of Monty Python air?

4) Who was the only American Python?

5) According to the Dead Parrot sketch, what was the dead parrot pining for?

6) In what century is the movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” set?

7) What founding member of the show did not appear in any of the fourth and final season’s episodes?

8) What is the name of the café in the Spam sketch?

9) What is Biggus Dickus’ wife’s name?

10) Who does no one expect?

Round 3
Match Round- 2000 Census
Match the following cities to their 2000 U.S. Census populations:Round 4
Bizarro World
16 points

1) Days Out Black Burlap

2) Out the Noon Second

3) I Do Rent You

4) Friday, Friday

5) Artificial Man

6) Good Sun Setting

7) Your Boy

8) Bad Hatin’


Round 5
Dead Or Canadian- Simpsons or Scripps Bee?
10 points
Choose whether the following words were made up on the Simpsons, or are Scripps National Spelling Bee Winning Words.

1) Bolognium

2) Fibranne

3) Succedaneum

4) Kwyjibo

5) Cromulent

6) Euonym

7) Superliminal

8) Elegiacal

9) Hypohemia

10) Chazzwozzers

Round 6
Picture RoundRound 7
General Knowledge
24 points

1) Which one of the following do not have any Native American ancestors: Tori Amos, George W Bush, Johnny Cash

2) L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics was first published on this date in what year?

3) Who is the patron saint of sailors?

4) In Monty Python’s sketch, ‘Documentary on Boxer,’ what does boxer Kent Clean-Air Systems do for lunch everyday?

5) According to the 2000 census, about what percentage of Illinois residents live in Chicago? A) 10% b) 20% c) 30% d) 40% 23.3%

6) Who played the role of Alex, the deceased friend in the movie The Big Chill? A) Kevin Bacon b) Kevin Costner c) Kevin Kline

7) What three words make up the name of the NYC neighborhood TriBeCa?

8) Name the two cities that host NHL Teams along the Mississippi River.

9) What Kenny Rogers song shares a title with a Dostoevsky novel?

Tiebreaker: What’s the combined 2000 population of Evanston, Lincolnwood, and Skokie, Illinois?

Questions from 5/2/06

Round 1
Whip-Smart 8
11 points

1) Cinco de Mayo celebrates a Mexican victory over French invasion forces in what town?

2) What French emperor ruled Mexico in 1864-7?

3) What other two European countries also sent troops to Mexico in 1862 to collect debts?

4) Who was president of Mexico when the French invaded?

5) What is the northernmost Mexican state?

6) When is Mexico’s actual Independence Day?

7) What year is Vicente Fox’s term as president going to end?

8) When is the Mexican Labor Day?

9) Who led the victorious forces against the French on 5/5/1862? A) Juarez b) Santa Ana c) Villa d) Zaragoza

10) Who built Chichen Itza?

Round 2
Liquor in the Front
12 points

1) What year was the first World Series of Poker held?

2) What are the odds of getting a flush in 5-card stud? A) 254:1 b) 508:1 c) 693:1 d) 4,164:1

3) Community card games, such as Texas Hold ‘em, by what two other name are community cards called?

4) Draw and stud poker were developed during which war? A) Revolutionary b) War of 1812 c) Civil War d) Mexican-American War

5) After the US, what is the second winningest country at the World Series of Poker?

6) Put the following Texas Hold ‘em deals in order from first to last: Turn, River and Flop.

7) H.O.R.S.E is a form of poker returning to this year’s WSOP. What does the R stand for in H.O.R.S.E.?

8) What comedian said “last night I stayed up playing poker with Tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died?”

9) Which of the following is not a nickname of a WSOP winner? Fossilman, Jesus, Painless, Treetop

Round 3
Young Ones Match Round
Match the episode description to the title of the Young Ones Episode.

Round 4
Bizarro World
16 points

1) Flawed

2) The Thick Green Point

3) Foreign Calm

4) Suck In

5) The Private’s Son

6) Rural Bullgirl

7) Leaving Dead

8) Rind Fact


Round 5
DOC- B or J?
10 points

Decide whether the following trivia factoids are about Brittney Spears or Jessica Simpson.

1) Born 1981.

2) Middle name is Jean.

3) Born in Texas.

4) Debut album was Sweet Kisses.

5) Born in Mississippi.

6) Her father is a Baptist minister.

7) Her parents are divorced.

8) Born in 1980.

9) Her record label is Jive.

10) Had a guest shot on Will & Grace.

Round 6
Picture Round
Round 7
General Knowledge
24 points

1) Malcolm in the Middle star Justin Berfield bought the Simpson-Lachey mansion after their divorce. Which brother does Justin play on MITM?

2) What brand of computer was featured in the Bloom County comic strip?

3) Him spin a comedic loss is an anagram for what two words?

4) Britney Spears has released two perfumes. Name them.

5) How many people entered the first World Series of Poker? A) 7 b) 14 c) 21 d) 28

6) A republican from which state proposed House Resolution 4437?

7) What two countries fought the Falkland Islands War?

8) In 1978, this retail department store manufactured and sold an all-chocolate version of the board game Monopoly. Name it.

9) On the Young Ones, what was Vyvyan’s hamster's name?

10) What team did the Colorado Avalanche eliminate from the Stanley Cup playoffs on Sunday?

Tiebreaker: Add all the prices, rents, and rents with two houses for each property on a Monopoly board (excluding utilities and railroads). What number do you get?