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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Questions from 4/4

Round 1
Going Bold
11 points

1) Who created the Star Trek series?

2) Which character on Star Trek: The Original Series is the only one to appear in every episode?

3) Who played Chekov on Star Trek: The Original Series?

4) What colors are Vulcan blood and Klingon blood, respectively?

5) Who was originally offered the role of Spock? a) Roger Moore b) Dustin Hoffman c) Martin Landau d) Lloyd Bridges?

6) How many times does Captain Kirk say “Beam me up, Scotty” in the Original Series?

7) In which Star Trek feature film did Captain Picard and Captain Kirk meet?

8) In what year did Star Trek: The Next Generation debut?

9) What is Captain Picard’s favorite beverage?

10) Bonding with a symbiont is a trait of what species? a) Andorian b) Rombulan c) Selay d) Trill

Round 2
Through the Back Door
10 points

1) All roads in this country are centered around Kilometer 0, in a plaza in the center of the capital. Name the country.

2) What brewery’s 9,000 year lease charges the lessee the equivalent of $84 a year?

3) The Haus der Musik in this city allows visitors to use a virtual baton to conduct an orchestra- but be careful, when you make a mistake the orchestra stops and ridicules you.

4) The Fairy Chimneys are a tourist attraction in this country’s Cappadocia region.

5) How many European countries does the Prime Meridian pass through?

6) What is the capital of Liechtenstein?

7) What famous play is set in the Kronborg Castle?

8) While the official capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, what city is the seat of government?

9) How many nations are currently in the European Union?

10) What is the smallest country in Europe?

Round 3
Match Round- MMMMMMMMM... 64 Slices of American Cheese
Match the mascot to the college:

Round 4
Bizarro World
16 points

1) Hate Satiated Woman

2) Good Runs

3) The Jill

4) Solution Adult

5) Small Cubes

6) Front Out White

7) Up Withdrawal Orange

8) I Stabilized You None Day Short


Round 5
DOC – Turning Japanese
10 points
Indicate whether these are Hondas or Toyotas:

1) Supra

2) Del Sol

3) Prelude

4) Previa

5) Matrix

6) Yaris

7) Passport

8) Highlander

9) Sequoia

10) Insight

Round 6
Picture Round
16 points

Round 7
General Knowledge
24 points

1) Which of the 13 schools in round 3 was Ned Flanders a graduate of?

2) In what country was AC/DC formed and what country were the founding members (brothers) from?

3) In the season 6 episode of the Simpsons, Lisa On Ice, Lisa replaces what character in goal for the Kwik-E-Mart team?

4) Trichotillomania is the psychological term for the uncontrollable urge to do what?

5) In what decade and in which country was Daylight Savings Time first put into practice?

6) A group of domestic cats is referred to as what?

7) The sculptress Camille Claudel had a relationship with her mentor and famous sculptor. What was his name?

8) This Thursday will mark the anniversary of the invention of Hostess Twinkies. In what year were they invented? a)1910 b)1920 c) 1930 or d)1940?

9) At this time, how many moons is the planet Pluto known to have?

10) How long is one rod?

Tiebreaker: What was the 2000 population of Madison County, Iowa?


At 8:51 PM, Blogger The Globe's Pub Quiz said...

Round 1

1) Gene Roddenberry
2) Spock
3) Walter Koenig
4) Green and purple/pink
5) c) Martin Landau
6) 0
7) Generations
8) 1987
9) Tea, Earl Grey, Hot
10) d) Trill

Round 2

1) Spain
2) Guinness Brewery
3) Vienna
4) Turkey
5) 3
6) Vaduz
7) Hamlet
8) The Hague
9) 25
10) Vatican City

Round 3

1) E
2) B
3) A
4) F
5) J
6) G
7) K
8) D
9) H
10) M
11) I
12) L
13) C
Round 4

1) Love Hungry Man
2) Evil Walks
3) The Jack
4) Problem Child
5) Big Balls
6) Back in Black
7) Down Payment Blues
8) You Shook Me All Night Long

Link: AC/DC Songs

Round 5

1) Toyota
2) Honda
3) Honda
4) Toyota
5) Toyota
6) Toyota
7) Honda
8) Toyota
9) Toyota
10) Honda

Round 6

1) John Howard (PM of Australia)
2) Wilford Brimley
3) Mr. Hat
4) P!nk
5) Eddie Murphy and John Ashton
6) Michelle Yeoh
7) Matt Murton
8) Patrick Stewart
9) Tom Delay
10) Paul Hogan
11) Slash and Rachel Barton
12) Kate Winslet
13) Jose Contreras
14) Nichelle Nichols

Round 7

1) Oral Roberts University
2) Australia and Scotland
3) Milhouse Van Houten
4) Pull out one's hair
5) 1910's Germany
6) a Clowder
7) Auguste Rodin
8) c) 1930
9) 3
10) 16.5 feet

Tiebreaker: 14,019


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