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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Questions from pi day!

And away we go:

Viva Porro et Proceda
11 points

1) Mt. Vesuvius’ last eruption took place during what war?

2) Which of the four types of surface volcanoes is Mt. Vesuvius? a) cinder cone b) composite c) shield d) supervolcanoes

3) Two eruptions, in 472 and 1631 were so violent that they spread ashes all the way to what Turkish city?

4) Besides Pompeii, name two other towns were destroyed by Vesuvius in the 79 AD eruption?

5) Which Pliny died rescuing people from the 79 eruption, Elder or Younger?

6) Who is Mt. Vesuvius named after?

7) Who was Emperor when the 79 eruption occurred?

8) In what century were the ruins of Pompeii first discovered?

9) According to the Volcanic Explosivity Index, which was a more powerful blast, Vesuvius or St. Helens?

10) The area around Vesuvius was declared a national park in what decade of the 20th century?

Round 2
Occasionally, I’ll be quirky
10 points

1) What is the name of the Simpsons episode where Homer goes on a hunger strike to keep the Isotopes baseball team in Springfield?

2) In this episode, what is Duff man’s first name?

3) What is the name of the Legoland rip-off the Simpsons go to in this episode?

4) The Albuquerque Isotopes are a real team. They are the minor league affiliate of what MLB team?

5) What is the name of the Isotopes mascot?

6) New Mexico was admitted into the union as what number state? A)27th B)37th C)47th D)57th ?

7) Spell Albuquerque

8) What is the capital of New Mexico?

9) What is the Albuquerque airport code?

10) Name the major river that bisects Albuquerque.

Round 3
Match Round
The Ides of March
15 points
Match these events which happened on March 15th with the year they occurred.

Round 4
Bizarro World
16 points

1) Aren’t I Up?

2) Else I Stay Home

3) First Day You Was Elijah

4) Expose Boy

5) Do Take Down Off You

6) Did You (Suck My Heart)

7) Pets by Pets

8) Fallin’ Tender


Round 5
Franky or Marty
10 points
The following are movies directed by either Francis Ford Coppola or Martin Scorcese

1) Rumble Fish

2) The Last Waltz

3) Bram Stroker’s Dracula

4) The Color of Money

5) Kundun

6) The Godfather

7) Goodfellas

8) The Last Temptation of Christ

9) Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

10) Apocalypse Now

Round 6
Picture Round
14 points

Round 7
General Knowledge
24 points

1) What two countries was Albert Einstein a citizen of when he died in 1955?

2) How many NKOTB singles hit number 1 in the US? A) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4

3) Mount Vesuvius is on the boundary between the Eurasian Plate and what other tectonic plate?

4) Phi Beta Kappa, the first Greek-letter fraternity in the United States, was started as a secret literary society at what college?

5) Simpsons character Cookie Kwan is number one on which side?

6) What South American country adopted a new flag this week?

7) How many players are allowed on the ice during a penalty shot in hockey?

8) Who was originally hired to direct Apocalypse Now?

9) Other than Washington, D.C., what other two cities have been the capital of the USA?

10) Peter Tomarken is best known for hosting what 80’s game show?

Tiebreaker: What are the 314th through 323rd decimal places of pi?


At 11:06 AM, Blogger The Globe's Pub Quiz said...

Round 1

1) World War II
2) Composite
3) Istanbul/Constantinople
4) Herculaneum, Oplonti and Stabiae
5) Elder
6) Hercules (Vesouvios means son of Ves, one of Zeus' names)
7) Titus Flavius Vespasianus
8) 18th
9) Vesuvius
10) 90's

Round 2

1) Hungry Hungry Homer
2) Sid
3) Blockoland
4) Florida Marlins
5) Orbit
6) 47th
8) Santa Fe
9) ABQ
10) The Rio Grande

Round 3

1) F
2) N
3) O
4) J
5) K
6) G
7) C
8) H
9) B
10) I
11) M
12) A
13) D
14) L
15) E

Round 4

1) Are You Down?
2) If You Go Away
3) Last Night I Saw Santa Claus
4) Cover Girl
5) Don't Give Up On Me
6) Didn't I (Blow Your Mind)
7) Step by Step
8) Hangin' Tough

Link: New Kids on the Block Lyrics

Round 5

1) Coppola
2) Scorcese
3) Coppola
4) Scorcese
5) Scorcese
6) Coppola
7) Scorcese
8) Scorcese
9) Scorcese
10) Coppola

Round 6

1) Jimmy Cliff
2) Mary Steenbergen
3) Charles de Gaulle
4) Dan Rather
5) George Ryan
6) Fiona Apple
7) Burt Ward (aka Robin)
8) Robin Robinson
9) Gordie Howe
10) Judy Baar Topkina
11) Selma Bouvier
12) Shirley Maclaine
13) Heath Ledger
14) Madonna Ciccone

Round 7

1) Switzerland and USA
2) 3
3) African
4) College of William and Mary
5) West
6) Venezuela
7) 2
8) George Lucas
9) New York City and Philadelphia
10) Press Your Luck

Tiebreaker: 1558817488


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