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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Questions from 3/21

Round 1
In the Year 2525
10 points
Take the year the event occurred and tell me what anniversary will be observed in the year 2525.

1) The Stanley Cup is presented for the first time, to the Montreal AAA of the Amateur Hockey Association.

2) Washington crosses the Delaware.

3) The Dutch East India Company is founded.

4) NASA is founded.

5) The Beatles first appear on Ed Sullivan.

6) Martin Luther posts his 95 Theses.

7) The first Earth Day is celebrated in the US.

8) The death of Mary, Queen of Scots.

9) The Peanuts comic strip debuts.

10) Manchester United Football Club is founded.

Round 2
NFL Stadiums
12 points

1) What is the Easternmost NFL Stadium?

2) What stadium has been the Bear’s home the longest?

3) Name 3 of the 6 NFL teams who will play their home games under a permanent dome in 2006.

4) Which stadium is closest to a foreign border?

5) Two of the three NFL Stadiums also serve as MLB ballparks

6) What team plays in the Westernmost NFL Stadium?

7) How many current NFL Stadiums are located west of the Mississippi River?

8) What two states host 3 NFL teams?

Round 3
Match- 80's Movie Quotes
13 points

Round 4
Bizarro World – Fleetwood Mac
16 points

1) Do Start

2) Never

3) All Answers Replied

4) Seastep

5) Come My Shared Yaw

6) Nightmares

7) Your Big Angel

8) I Destroy Hating Boring


Round 5
DOC- M or J?
10 points
Determine whether these trivia factoids are about Richard J Daley or Richard M Daley.

1) His birthday is May 15th.

2) Lost his first bid for mayor in the primary.

3) Graduated from De La Salle Academy.

4) Is an only child.

5) Lost an election to become Cook County Sheriff.

6) His birthday is April 24.

7) Switched parties to win a seat in the IL Legislature.

8) Had three children.

9) Was a member of the Knights of Columbus.

10) Called a bicycle built for two a tantrum bike.

Round 6
Picture Round
15 points

Round 7
General Knowledge
24 points

1) What country won the World Baseball Classic?

2) Two schools in this year’s NCAA men’s tournament were nicknamed the Bruins. Name them.

3) What is the only mammal that can fly?

4) What is the world’s best-selling cookie?

5) What is the name of the B-29 bomber that dropped the Atom Bomb on Nagasaki?

6) Is it only possible to balance an egg on its end on the Vernal Equinox?

7) What was used for blood in the shower scene in Hitchcock’s “Psycho?”

8) Which Beatle was first to have a number one single after the break-up in 1970?

9) Ancient Egyptians shaved off what to mourn the death of their cats?

10) What does a fletcher make?

11) What 80’s movie features the line “I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.”
Tiebreaker: Add all the years mentioned in the lyrics of the song In the Year 2525. What number do you get?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Questions from pi day!

And away we go:

Viva Porro et Proceda
11 points

1) Mt. Vesuvius’ last eruption took place during what war?

2) Which of the four types of surface volcanoes is Mt. Vesuvius? a) cinder cone b) composite c) shield d) supervolcanoes

3) Two eruptions, in 472 and 1631 were so violent that they spread ashes all the way to what Turkish city?

4) Besides Pompeii, name two other towns were destroyed by Vesuvius in the 79 AD eruption?

5) Which Pliny died rescuing people from the 79 eruption, Elder or Younger?

6) Who is Mt. Vesuvius named after?

7) Who was Emperor when the 79 eruption occurred?

8) In what century were the ruins of Pompeii first discovered?

9) According to the Volcanic Explosivity Index, which was a more powerful blast, Vesuvius or St. Helens?

10) The area around Vesuvius was declared a national park in what decade of the 20th century?

Round 2
Occasionally, I’ll be quirky
10 points

1) What is the name of the Simpsons episode where Homer goes on a hunger strike to keep the Isotopes baseball team in Springfield?

2) In this episode, what is Duff man’s first name?

3) What is the name of the Legoland rip-off the Simpsons go to in this episode?

4) The Albuquerque Isotopes are a real team. They are the minor league affiliate of what MLB team?

5) What is the name of the Isotopes mascot?

6) New Mexico was admitted into the union as what number state? A)27th B)37th C)47th D)57th ?

7) Spell Albuquerque

8) What is the capital of New Mexico?

9) What is the Albuquerque airport code?

10) Name the major river that bisects Albuquerque.

Round 3
Match Round
The Ides of March
15 points
Match these events which happened on March 15th with the year they occurred.

Round 4
Bizarro World
16 points

1) Aren’t I Up?

2) Else I Stay Home

3) First Day You Was Elijah

4) Expose Boy

5) Do Take Down Off You

6) Did You (Suck My Heart)

7) Pets by Pets

8) Fallin’ Tender


Round 5
Franky or Marty
10 points
The following are movies directed by either Francis Ford Coppola or Martin Scorcese

1) Rumble Fish

2) The Last Waltz

3) Bram Stroker’s Dracula

4) The Color of Money

5) Kundun

6) The Godfather

7) Goodfellas

8) The Last Temptation of Christ

9) Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

10) Apocalypse Now

Round 6
Picture Round
14 points

Round 7
General Knowledge
24 points

1) What two countries was Albert Einstein a citizen of when he died in 1955?

2) How many NKOTB singles hit number 1 in the US? A) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4

3) Mount Vesuvius is on the boundary between the Eurasian Plate and what other tectonic plate?

4) Phi Beta Kappa, the first Greek-letter fraternity in the United States, was started as a secret literary society at what college?

5) Simpsons character Cookie Kwan is number one on which side?

6) What South American country adopted a new flag this week?

7) How many players are allowed on the ice during a penalty shot in hockey?

8) Who was originally hired to direct Apocalypse Now?

9) Other than Washington, D.C., what other two cities have been the capital of the USA?

10) Peter Tomarken is best known for hosting what 80’s game show?

Tiebreaker: What are the 314th through 323rd decimal places of pi?

Questions from 3/7

Sorry. I'm lazy. I'll work on posting more often.

Round 1
Touch ‘em all
11 points

1) Where was Kirby Puckett born?

2) What number did Kirby Puckett wear when he played for the White Sox?

3) Including Puckett, how many of the 1987 Twins were still on the team when they won the World Series again in 1991?

4) Kirby Puckett was the second-youngest Hall of Famer to die after being inducted. Who was the youngest?

5) Kirby attended what two Illinois colleges?

6) Out of his 12 seasons in the majors, what was the longest streak of All-Star games he played in?

7) Puckett is credited with nicknaming what player “Donnie Baseball?”

8) What year did the Minnesota Twins retire his number?

9) Is Puckett a member of the All-Century team?

10) Puckett was the MVP of the 1993 All-Star game. Where was the game played? A) Atlanta b) Baltimore c) Chicago d) San Diego

Round 2
She Blinded Me With Science!
11 points

1) Which occurred first, the Mesozoic, or the Cenozoic Era?

2) What chemical element is abbreviated Sr?

3) The central nervous system consists two parts, the brain and what?

4) What is the fluid or jellylike substance behind the lens of the eye called?

5) Which of these is a Noble Gas? a)Nitrogen b)Boron c)Xenon or d)Lithium?

6) What kind of star is our Sun? a) Brown Dwarf b) yellow dwarf c) white dwarf d) red dwarf?

7) 6.023x10^23 is known as what?

8) Name two of the three basic types of rock in Geology.

9) A tadpole is also known as what?

10) When stratus clouds contact the ground they are called what?

Round 3
Match- American Idol contestants

Round 4
Bizarro World
16 points

1) The Poisonous Man

2) Submerging

3) The Philanthropist Groom

4) Death After Woman

5) Dog’s Perimeter

6) Sitting Boys

7) The Footman’s Fact

8) Metropolis Spit

Round 5
Dead or Canadian
Os or Nas?
10 points
The following names are people who are either NASCAR drivers or 2006 Oscar winners or nominees.

1) Michael Kahn

2) Kevin LePage

3) Jamie McMurray

4) Marshall Curry

5) Reed Sorenson

6) Dan Krauss

7) Lance Anderson

8) Nick Park

9) Shane Acker

10) Dennis Hamlin

Round 6
Picture Round
16 points

Round 7
General Knowledge
24 points

1) Who sang the song “She Blinded Me with Science?”

2) What year did Kirby Puckett make his Major League Debut? A) 1978 b) 1980 c) 1982 d) 1984

3) Who presented the Oscar for Best Picture this year?

4) Casimir Pulaski died during the siege of what Georgia city?

5) Who said, referring to Albanians, “you mean all white with pink eyes?”

6) What song is William Hung famous for destroying and who is it originally by?

7) How many stars make up the Big Dipper?

8) What was the previous name of Pulaski Road in Chicago?

9) What country boasts the second highest number of players in the NHL?

10) These two stars of a 1994 action film presented the Oscar for Best Art Direction. Name them.

Tiebreaker: What was the combined attendance at all seven games of the 1987 World Series?

Friday, March 03, 2006

Questions from 2/28

Who Shot J.R.?
13 points

1) Who directed the Johnny Cash biopic “Walk the Line?”

2) How many Grammy Awards has Johnny Cash won?

3) What is the name of the Simpsons episode which Cash appeared?

4) Who is taller, Joaquin Phoenix or Johnny Cash?

5) Johnny repeated proposed to June Carter. In what Canadian city did she finally accept his proposal?

6) Who were the other 3 members of the Highwaymen?

7) Which Johnny Cash video appeared on Beavis and Butthead?

8) Which album came first, At Folsom Prison or At San Quentin?

9) In 1974, Cash appeared on an episode of Columbo called what?
a) D’yer Mak’r b) In the Light c) Ramble On d) Swan Song

10) A jam session at the Sun Records studios on December 4, 1956 featuring Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Cash became known as what?

11) What network aired the Johnny Cash Show?

Round 2
Frank Thomas
10 points

1) In the Mardi Gras colors of purple, green and gold, what do gold and green represent?

2) What anniversary of Mardi Gras parading is being celebrated in New Orleans this year? a) 100th b)150th c)200th d)250th

3) What is Mardi Gras known as on the Christian calendar?

4) True or False: the Mardi Gras celebration in America began in New Orleans?

5) What holiday follows Fat Tuesday?

6) What is the dessert associated with this holiday?

7) The word Carnivale comes from the latin carne vale, which means what?

8) What is a “krewe”?

9) On what date will Mardi Gras fall next year? a) Feb 18th b)19th c)20th d)21st ?

Round 3
Match- M*A*S*H
16 points

Round 4
Bizarro World
16 points

1) Peon Disarrays

2) Peace Unprepared

3) Yellow Mind

4) The Ordinal of the Mall

5) Green Calm Sinking

6) Credit of Shame

7) Muddled or Past Safety

8) Flee for Green March


Round 5
DOC- 1960 or 1980?
10 points

The given names are winners of the Olympic Gold Medal from the US for either 1960 or 1980.

1) Gene Grazia

2) Bill Baker

3) Mark Pavelich

4) Jack Kirrane

5) Roger Christian

6) Dave Christian

7) Larry Palmer

8) Rod Paavola

9) John Harringon

10) Paul Johnson

Round 6
Picture Round
15 points

Round 7
General Knowledge
20 points

1) What was Mr. Furley’s first name on Three’s Company?

2) How much is Frank Thomas’ salary going to be for the 2006 Season? A) $250K b) $500 c) $1M d) $2M

3) In addition to his vocal duties, what other instrument did Peter Gabriel play in Genesis?

4) Who shot J.R.?

5) An athlete from what country received the most medals at the Torino Olympics?

6) Approximately how many islands make up the Philippine Archipelago? A) 5K b) 6K c) 7K d) 8K

7) Out of Susan St. James, Bruno Kirby, Billy Crystal and Andrew Dice Clay who did NOT guest star on M*A*S*H.

8) Which Weird Al Yankovic album features the songs Like A Surgeon, Dare to Be Stupid, I Want A New Duck and Yoda?

9) In Canada, what is known as the Trudeau salute?

10) Which of these animals is a cephalopod? a)spider b)snail c)octopus d)orca

Tiebreaker: What was the opening weekend gross for the movie Walk the Line?

Questions from 2/21- Finally!

Sorry, I've been busy lately.

Here's the questions from February 21st:

Round 1
Time for a Mattress Sale!
12 points

1) Who is the only president to have not been elected to either the presidency or vice presidency?

2) Every president from 1840 to 2000 who was elected or re-elected in a year divisible by 20 has died in office, with the exception of Reagan and Bush. Regan survived an assassination attempt and GW Bush survived choking on what food?

3) How many of the 42 men who have been president have not held any prior elected office?

4) Who was the first president born after the Declaration of Independence?

5) Who was born first, Nixon or Reagan?

6) The Presidential Succession Act defines the 17 people who are in line to become president. How many, in the current list of 17, are constitutionally ineligible to become president?

7) William Henry Harrison had the shortest presidential term. How long did his term last? a) 32 days b) 42 days c) 52 days d) 62 days

8) Abraham Lincoln is commonly known to be the tallest president. Who are the next two tallest, in order?

9) Who was the first president born after World War 1?

10) Who was the youngest and oldest presidents at the time he took office?

Round 2
Life is Unfair
10 points

1) What is Malcolm X’s last name at birth?

2) Who delivered the eulogy at Malcolm X’s funeral?

3) What family member convinced Malcolm to convert to the Nation of Islam?

4) Who played Malcolm X in the Spike Lee movie?

5) What borough of New York City was Malcom X assassinated in?

6) Malcolm X founded the Nation of Islam newspaper in 1957. What was the newspaper called?

7) What year did Malcolm X go on his Hajj? A) 1962 b) 1963 c) 1964

8) Where was Malcolm X born?

9) Malcolm served 6 ½ years at Charlstown, MA State Prison for what crime?

10) How many children did Malcolm X have before he died?

Round 3
Match- Grapefruit and Cacti
12 points

Round 4
Bizarro World
16 points

1) Landscape of a Black Divorce

2) Mother’s Night

3) Alive Once

4) The Little Black

5) The Worst of Post

6) Yugo Woman

7) Washington on the Dnipro

8) Eyepop


Round 5
DOC – Blume or Cleary?
10 points

1) Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

2) Socks

3) Blubber

4) It’s Not the End of the Word

5) Henry and the Clubhouse

6) Superfudge

7) Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret

8) Ramona the Pest

9) Forever

10) The Mouse and the Motorcycle

Round 6
Picture Round
16 points

Round 7
General Knowledge
24 points

1) How many Ramona books did Beverly Cleary write?

2) How many Major League Baseball teams make up the Cactus League?

3) What does the p http stand for?

4) Before enrolling at Juilliard for theatre, what was Robin Williams’ major in school?

5) Who won the silver medal in women’s hockey at Torino?

6) For how many years was Marion Barry mayor of Washington, D.C.?

7) Who was the tallest first lady? A) Barbara Bush b) Betty Ford c) Ida McKinley d) Eleanor Roosevelt

8) From what country does 95% of the world’s opal supply come from?

9) In what year did the Chicago Auto Show debut?

10) Name two of the three countries that share a land border with Albania?

Tiebreaker: How many cells are there on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet?