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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Questions from 2/7/2006

We had a big crowd last night for a really good quiz, including what I think is one of the best Bizarro Worlds we've ever had. It was announced, and yes, it is true, that we will be having pub quiz next Tuesday, despite it being Valentine's Day. Hope to see you next week!

The questions:

Round 1
A long, long time ago…
12 points

1) What were the given names of the musicians who died the day the music died?

2) Where was the chartered flight heading when it crashed?

3) What was the per-person charge for the flight? a) $26 b) $36 c) $46

4) What was the name of the tour?

5) What club in Clearlake, Iowa were the bands playing at the night before the crash?

6) Who responded to Buddy Holly's comment "I hope your old bus freezes up" with “I hope your plane crashes?"

7) In what Young Ones Episode does Buddy Holly appear, alive and well? A) Flood b) Oil c) Sick d) Summer Holiday

8) In 1988, Ken Paquette built a monument at the crash site as a tribute to the 3 musicians who lost their lives. In 2003, he erected another monument in what city?

9) There was another plane crash that night that killed 65 people. At what airport was that crash?

10) What year was the song “American Pie” released?

Round 2
1/3 of NAFTA
11 points

1) What is Mexico’s internet country code?

2) Out of the 31 Mexican States, how many start with a vowel? A) 2 b) 3 c) 5) d) 7

3) Who took office first, Vicente Fox or GW Bush?

4) Who played in the first ever regular-season NFL game hosted by Mexico City, on October 2nd, 2005?

5) What year did Mexico City host the Olympics?

6) When is Independence Day in Mexico?

7) How long did the Mexican-American War last?

8) How many times was Santa Ana president of Mexico? a) 2 b) 3 c) 5 d) 7

9) How does Mexico rank, in population, amongst Spanish-speaking countries?

10) Mexico City is built on the ruins of what city?

Round 3
Match Round- Super Bowl MVP's

Round 4
Dead or Canadian- Debbie Harry or Chrissy Hynde?
10 points

1) Lag or Wolf

2) Hell Later

3) Bad Day or Bad Misfortune

4) Separate Line

5) Humility or Tolerance

6) South Town

7) Stand the Point

8) Fixed Front Valley


Round 5
Dead or Canadian- Debbie Harry or Chrissy Hynde?
10 points

1) Was in bands called “The Wind in the Willows” and “The Stilletos” prior to ultimately heading up the band for which she is best known. Debbie Harry

2) Born in Akron, Ohio and was a student at Kent State University during the riots.

3) Appeared in John Waters’ “Hairspray”

4) Gave Sid Vicious his trademark lock necklace.

5) Was born in Miami, FL.

6) Recorded the song “Nothing is Real But the Girl.”

7) Covered “I Got You, Babe” with UB40.

8) Moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2004.

9) Lends her voice to Grand Theft Auto – Vice City as the voice of Delores.
10) Had a daughter with Ray Davies of the Kinks.

Round 6
Picture Round
17 points

Round 7
General Knowledge
22 points

1) On this date in 1984, Bruce McCandless and Robert Stewart became the first two humans to do what?

2) Which star of That 70’s Show has two toes fused together?

3) Other than the US, name the two other countries that share a land border with Mexico.

4) On what NBC show did Chrissy Hynde make her acting debut?

5) Which call won the coin toss at Super Bowl XL?

6) Marshall Crenshaw played which role in 1987’s La Bamba?

7) On this date in 1976, Darryl Sittler set an NHL record for doing what?

8) What was George Clooney’s character’s name on Facts of Life?

9) Who took over as chairman of the Federal Reserve?

10) Which president signed the NAFTA treaty for the United States?

Tiebreaker: Add the driving distance from Heinz Field to Ford Field to the driving distance from Seahawks Stadium to Ford Field. Express your answer in miles.


At 7:24 AM, Blogger The Globe's Pub Quiz said...

Round 1

1) Charles Holley, Richard Valenzuela, and Jiles Perry Richardson, Jr.
2) Fargo, ND
3) b) $36
4) The Winter Dance Party
5) The Surf Ballroom
6) Waylon Jennings
7) b) Oil
8) Green Bay, WI
9) LaGuardia Airport, NYC
10) 1971

Round 2

1) .mx
2) a) 2
3) Fox
4) San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals
5) 1968
6) September 16th
7) d) 7 times
8) 2 years
9) first
10) Tenochtitlan

Round 3

1) J
2) B
3) D or F
4) D or F
5) L
6) C
7) H or K
8) H or K
9) G
10) I
11) A
12) C

Round 4

1) Hustle and Flow
2) Paradise Now
3) Good Night and Good Luck
4) Match Point
5) Pride and Prejudice
6) North Country
7) Walk the Line
8) Brokeback Mountain

Link: 2006 Oscar Nominated Movies

Round 5

1) Harry
2) Hynde
3) Harry
4) Hynde
5) Harry
6) Harry
7) Hynde
8) Hynde
9) Harry
10) Hynde

Round 6

1) Will Sasso
2) Diana Ross
3) Tricia Takanawa
4) Marquis de Sade
5) L: Daryl Hall (Carson from Queer Eye was also accepted) R: John Oates
6) Gilbert Gottfried
7) Matt Damon
8) Mick Jagger
9) Connie Chung
10) L: Tyne Daly R: Meg Foster
11) Rick Santorum
12) Oprah Winfrey
13) Leif Garrett
14) Stephen Harper

Round 7

1) Make an untethered spacewalk
2) Astron Kutcher
3) Belize and Guatemala
4) Friends
5) Tails
6) Buddy Holly
7) Scoring 10 points in one game (6 goals, 4 assists)
8) George Burnett
9) Ben Bernanke
10) GHW Bush
Tiebreaker: 2,638 miles


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