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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Questions from 1/10/2006

First off, Happy New Year.

I would have posted the questions yesterday, but I left my jump drive at home, and when I returned, I just wasn't in the mood to do the work. I had other projects to do last night, anyways.

Here's the questions:
Battlefield Earth
10 points

1) Who invented Scientology?

2) An E-meter is used in scientology, but is also known as a Galvanometer. What is a galvanometer known as in law enforcement?
3) What does the R stand for in Scientology’s ARC Triangle?

4) Thetan is a Scientology word meaning what? a) actor b) actress c) god d) spirit

5) The abbreviation for the Church of Scientology is the same as what mathematical concept?

6) Which rock opera spoofs Scientology as the “Church of Appliantology?”

7) In 1969, the founder of Scientology called for an all-out war on what social science?

8) In the Story of Xenu, Xenu is the ruler of the Galactic Confederacy, 75 million years ago. Earth was included in the GC, but known by what name? a) Eden b) Teegeeack c) Thetany

9) On a 2005 episode of South Park, what famous Scientologist was trapped in a closet?

10) Where was the first Church of Scientology?

Round 2
Brought to you by the letter L
10 points

1) What year was the Chicago Transit Authority created?

2) T or F: Chicago was the first city to have elevated trains in the US.

3) Before the CTA took over, Chicago’s rail system was operated by what company?

4) Which one of the original lines was first in operation? a) Lake Street b) Metropolitan c) Northwestern d) South Side e) Union Loop

5) On an average weekday, which carries more people, CTA trains or buses?

6) Which el line goes the furthest east?

7) How many elevated loop stations are there?

8) Destination 2020 is a 1998 report which includes plans to build a new Mid-City line, and extensions for the Red and what other line?

9) Which subway came first, State Street or Dearborn?

10) Which blue line station is farthest west, O’Hare or Forest Park?

Round 3
Double Match- The Quick Brown Fox

Round 4
Bizarro World
16 points

1) The Demon

2) Fake Woman

3) The Pitcher

4) Peace Patient

5) 30th of December, Gorky Park

6) Else You Shouldn’t Spring Ahead

7) You’re Off Air

8) Died Out the USSR


Round 5
Dead or Canadian- Electric Company or Sesame Street?
10 points

1) Monsterpiece Theatre

2) Sherlock Hemlock

3) The Corsican Twins

4) Aloysius Snuffleupagus

5) Here’s Cooking at You

6) Guy Smiley

7) Forgetful Jones

8) Jennifer of the Jungle

9) Fargo North, Decoder

10) Sully and Biff

Round 6
Picture Round
16 points

Round 7
General Knowledge
20 points

1) This couple divorced on this date in 1810. Name them.

2) Which el station has the most free transfer possibilities?

3) Who is hosting tonight’s People’s Choice Awards?

4) Which of the following teams scored fewer points than the Chicago Bears during their games on New Year’s weekend? A) Chicago Bulls b) Chicago Wolves c) Minnesota Vikings d) San Diego Chargers

5) Who is the trophy awarded to the NHL’s highest scorer named after?

6) Was the United States an original member of the League of Nations?

7) … --- … is Morse code for what?

8) What state was Bruce Springsteen born in?

9) Forest Whitacker expressed his regrets about being involved in what 2000 movie?

10) This famous bank robber was born on this date in 1846. Name him.

Tiebreaker: There are 24 different Canadian area codes. What is their sum?

Answers, by the way are provided in the first comment. Let me know what you think!


At 7:49 AM, Blogger The Globe's Pub Quiz said...

Round 1
1) L. Ron Hubbard
2) Polygraph or lie detector
3) Reality
4) D- spirit
5) Cosine (cos)
6) Joe's Garage by Frank Zappa
7) Psychology
8) B- Teegeeack
9) Tom Cruise
10) Camden, NJ

Round 2
1) 1947
2) False- New York was first.
3) Chicago Rapid Transit Company (CRT)
4) D- South Side
5) Buses, by about 2 to 1
6) Green Line- Cottage Grove/East 63rd Branch
7) 9
8) Orange
9) State Street
10) O'Hare

Round 3
1) D BB
2) C HH
3) I DD
4) A GG
5) H AA
6) B FF
7) E BB
8) G CC
9) F EE

Round 4
1) The Angel
2) Real Man
3) The Hitter
4) War Nurse
5) 4th of July, Ashbury Park
6) If I Should Fall Behind
7) I'm on Fire
8) Born in the USA

Link: Bruce Springsteen songs

Round 5
1) Sesame Street
2) Sesame Street
3) Electric Company
4) Sesame Street
5) Electric Company
6) Sesame Street
7) Sesame Street
8) Electric Company
9) Electric Company
10) Sesame Street

Round 6
1) Jack Ryan
2) Michael Vale
3) Justin Mapp
4) Lara Logan
5) Aaron Spelling
6) Lita Ford
7) Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck
8) Bob Dole
9) Warner Saunders
10) Dusty Bottoms, Lucky Day and Ned Nederlander
11) Jon Bon Jovi (also accepted: Jon Bongiovi)
12) Brian Urlacher
13) Rock Hudson
14) Tony Gonzalez

Round 7
1) Napoleon and Empress Josephine
2) Clark & Lake
3) Craig Ferguson
4) D- San Diego Chargers
5) Maurice Richard
6) No- the Senate failed to ratify the treaty for membership.
7) SOS
8) New Jersey
9) Battlefield Earth
10) Franklin James

Tiebreaker: 13,849


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