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Started in 2004 the Globe's Pub Quiz is a non-profit pub quiz, benefiting the MS Society of Illinois, through the MS 150 team, mopundow. Quizmaster Dave runs the quiz every Tuesday night from 8-10 in the back room of the Globe Pub, 1934 W Irving Park Road, Chicago. All questions contained herein are property of the quizmaster(s), except where noted, and are not to be used without permission.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Questions from 9/27

Round 1
Take the Skinheads Bowling
11 points

1) In ten-pin bowling, if you throw 2 strikes in a row, then 2 gutterballs in a row, what is your score?

2) Candlepin Bowling was invented in 1880 in what Massachusetts town?

3) What is the nearest bowling alley to the Globe Pub?

4) Duckpin bowling is said to have been invented in Baltimore around 1900, by John McGraw and Wilbert Robinson. What professional sport are they in the Hall of Fame for?

5) According to the Camper Van Beethoven song, some people say that bowling alleys got big what?

6) T or F: Canadian 5-pin bowling was developed in the early 20th century to offers bowlers the chance to play during a 30 minute lunch break.

7) There are 4 major differences between Ten-pin bowling and candlepin bowling. Name three of them.

8) In ten-pin competition bowling, what is the maximum weight of a ball? A) 16 lbs b) 18 lbs c) 22 lbs d) 30 lbs

9) All forms of North American bowling are derived from what European target sport, still very popular in the UK (HINT: think candy)?

Round 2
Everyone Knows it’s Windy
13 points

1) Until this year, hurricane Andrew was the costliest natural disaster in US history. In what year did Andrew cause so much damage?

2) What is the difference between hurricanes and typhoons?

3) This wind, which blows from the deserts of California, is mentioned in Randy Newman’s song ‘I Love LA.’ Surfers are possibly the only people who look forward to it. Name the wind.

4) T or F: A named tropical system in the Altantic region retains its name if it crosses into the Pacific.

5) This warm wind which occurs on the eastern slopes of the Rockies has the same name as that of which North American Indian tribe?

6) Should there be another hurricane in the 2005 season, what would the storm’s name be? A) Sarah b) Simon c) Stan d) Sylvester

7) Which roof type seems to fare better during hurricanes, gables or hipped?
8) Put the following in order of strength, from weakest to strongest: Hurricane, Tropical Depression, Tropical Storm, Tropical Wave

9) What does NOAA stand for?

10) What is the name of the scale used to determine the possible damage of a hurricane? A) Beaufort b) Fujita c) Richter d) Saffir-Simpson

Round 3

Round 4
Bizarro World
16 points

1) Coming Away

2) A Flawed Acquaintance

3) Then or Never

4) Harmless Spinsters

5) Loud Shame

6) The Garage off Despair Alley

7) Yes Lesser Hate

8) Unblended Curses


Round 5
DOC- Field’s or Macy’s
10 points

1) First department store to offer a bridal registry.

2) Housewares department is known as the “Cellar.”

3) Founder died at 55 in Paris, France.

4) Has full-service travel agency capabilities.

5) First department store to have an in-store dining room.

6) Part of the corporate logo was taken from the founder’s tattoo.

7) Carries the exclusive Wittard of Chelsea line of tea.

8) Company went public is 1922.

9) 2003 Holiday windows theme was “A Christmas Story.”

Round 6

Round 7
General Knowledge
20 points

1) On the show Get Smart, how many children did 86 and 99 have?

2) Columbia’s congress has passed a law that will enable couples to do what in as little as an hour?

3) When was the first ever Macy’s parade? A) 1804 b) 1854 c) 1904

4) This director’s films include Beaches, Pretty Woman, and Runaway Bride.

5) This former Playboy model, born Vickie Lynn Marshall, is taking her 10-year long fight for millions to the Supreme Court. By what name do we know her?

6) On October 9, 1974 the Kansas City Scouts took to the ice. In 1976, they became the Colorado Rockies, and remained there until 1982, when they moved east, and eventually became 3-time Stanley Cup champions. What do we now know the team as?

7) How many times was Susan Lucci nominated for an Emmy before she finally won in 1999?

8) T or F: John Philip Sousa was a US Marine.

9) When was the last time the Green Bay Packers started a season 0-3?
A) 1958 b) 1968 c) 1978 d) 1988

10) The shortest verse in the Bible is John 11:35. What is that verse?

Tiebreaker: What is the amount of selling floor, in ft2 of the Macy’s flagship store at 34th and Broadway in NYC?


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