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Started in 2004 the Globe's Pub Quiz is a non-profit pub quiz, benefiting the MS Society of Illinois, through the MS 150 team, mopundow. Quizmaster Dave runs the quiz every Tuesday night from 8-10 in the back room of the Globe Pub, 1934 W Irving Park Road, Chicago. All questions contained herein are property of the quizmaster(s), except where noted, and are not to be used without permission.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Questions from October 3rd

Round 1
12 points

1) The "Peanuts" comic strip debuted October 2, 1950 and featured 3 characters. Name 2 of them.

2) In "A Charlie Brown Valentine," Charlie Brown is too late to ask the little red-haired girl to dance, who gets to dance the last dance with her?

3) Name 2 of the first 7 papers to carry Peanuts.

4) What is the name of Charlie Brown’s schoolteacher? A) Mrs. Donovan B) Mrs. Nelson c) Ms. Othmar d) Ms. Swanson

5) A Charlie Brown Christmas was originally sponsored (including product placement) by what company?

6) Which of the following accolades was NOT awarded to Charles Schulz? A) Congressional Gold Medal b) inductee into the US Hockey Hall of Fame c) Kennedy Center Honor d) Reuben Award

7) Which Apollo mission named the lunar module Snoopy, and the command module Charlie Brown?

8) Name the third van Pelt child.

9) Who held the ball the FIRST time Charlie Brown failed to kick off? A) Lucy b) Patty c) Violet

10) What jazz legend wrote the world-famous song “Linus and Lucy?”

Round 2
Dave’s Favorite Sport
12 points

1) McGill University is credited with the first modern hockey team, which played its first game in January of 1877. In what Canadian city is McGill University located?

2) What three things make up a Gordie Howe hat-trick?

3) Who was originally slated to play the role of Reggie Dunlop in Slap Shot, but fell out of grace with the director before shooting began? A) Robert DeNiro b) Al Pacino c) Donald Sutherland d) Robin Williams

4) What is the only city to be misspelled on the Stanley Cup?

5) The US had their Miracle on Ice in 1980, what year did the Canadian team accomplish a similar feat, defeating the Soviet Team ona last-minute goal in an 8-game series?

6) Sean Avery of the Los Angeles Kings registered the most what of the 05-06 regular season? A) Assists b) goals c) penalty minutes d) points

7) In hockey terminology, where is the slot located?

8) The James Norris Memorial Trophy is awarded to the NHL’s top player in what position?

9) In the Seinfeld episode The Face Painter, what team does David Putty support?

10) Other than the US, what other country did Herb Brooks coach for in the Olympics?

Round 3
Match Round
12 points
Match the brand of Whiskey to the country where it is distilled.

Round 4
Bizarro World (movies)
16 points

1) Black Hunted White Mind

2) The Veteran

3) Without Me Out Your Legs

4) The Live Loop

5) Common Lake

6) Forgiven

7) The Bad, The Good, or the Pretty

8) Clean Harriet


Round 5
Dead or Canadian
New Kids on the Block or New Edition

1) Didn't I Blow Your Mind

2) Popcorn Love

3) She Gives Me a Bang

4) Cover Girl

5) Dirty Dawg

6) Please Don't Go Girl

7) Can You Stand the Rain

8) Mr. Telephone Man

9) This One's For the Children

10) A Little Bit of Love Is All It Takes

Round 6
A Special Dave's Birthday Picture Round
16 points

Round 7
General Knowledge
22 points

1) What was the African country of Ghana known as before March 1957?

2) In the movie "Pulp Fiction" which biblical quote was Jules favorite?

3) During the last play of this weekend’s Jets-Colts game, how many times did the Jets lateral? A) 4) b) 8 c) 12

4) According to the laws of optical science, if you shine a blue light on a tomato, what color will it appear to be?

5) What was the name of the mongoose in Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book"?

6) Dave shares his birthday with which Peanuts character? A) Charlie Brown b) Peppermint Patty c) Schroeder d) Snoopy

7) What two countries does Holland share a land border with?

8) Name the Beverly Hillbillies character who had an unrequited love-affair with Jethro Clampett.

9) What is the Japanese legislature collectively known as? A) Canon B) Diet C) Sway D) Usher

10) Djembe, Bendir, Bocu and Rebolo are all types of what?

Tiebreaker: What is the driving distance from the Globe Pub to Clarica Arena, home of the Waterloo Siskins, in Waterloo, Ontario? Express your answer in miles.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Questions from the 100th Pub Quiz Spectacular!!!

Round 1
Not Again, Said Aldrin
12 points

1) How many Apollo missions landed on the moon?

2) Which shuttle was the first to be launched?

3) What are the names of the two martian rovers?

4) What president created NASA?

5) After Skylab reentered the Earth’s atmosphere in 1979, wreckage was found on what continent?

6) What was the USA’s first satellite called?

7) Mariner 10’s primary mission was to study what planet?

8) The space shuttle’s official acronym is STS. What does STS stand for? A) space transportation system b) space transport shuttle c) shuttle to space

9) What two Bugs Bunny characters are depicted on the Mars Rover mission patches?

10) Which Voyager probe visited 4 planets, #1 or #2?

Round 2

Live from New York
12 points

1) What character is known for putting her hands under her armpits and smelling them when she gets nervous?

2) On what date did 'Saturday Night Live' first air? A) September 20, 1975 B) September 27, 1975 C) October 11, 1975 D) October 4, 1975

3) This Canadian-born player appeared in "Three Amigos," worked with Pee-Wee Herman, and did voices for "The Smurfs" before appearing on "Saturday Night Live." Who is he?

4) The character Beldar Conehead does what job for a living?

5) Three men share the record for the being tallest cast member on "Saturday Night Live" at a towering 6'4. Chevy Chase is one, for 2pts name the other two.

6) Which of the SNL alumni found herself in Chicago recently to portray "Elphaba' in the musical "Wicked". A) Laraine Newman B) Jan Hooks C) Ana Gasteyer D) Nora Dunn

7) When Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon became the anchors of "Weekend Update" they resurrected the closing catchphrase "Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow." Who originated this phrase?

8) Who is the only US president to open the show with, "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night".

9) Name the character responsible for penning such books as "Exercises of Love" and "I Wanna be a Ho"

10) What SNL participant was Gilda Radner married to before Gene Wilder?

11) On characters Wayne and Garth's "Top Ten Babes of All Time" list who was number one?

Round 3
Match- History by the Centuries
13 points

Round 4
Bizarro World (movies)
16 points

1) Over Relaxation

2) The Minor or the Major

3) Hug You Smart

4) Hate Out the Before Noon

5) The Neves Day Scratch

6) Sunset Boulevard

7) None Hate it Cold

8) The House


Round 5
Dead or Canadian Women’s Makeup or Apparel?
10 points

1) Rimmel

2) Stila

3) Two Lips

4) O•P•I

5) Miss Sixty

6) Lorac

7) Dollhouse

8) Miu Miu

9) Tony and Tina

10) Joan and David

Round 6
Picture Round
15 points

Round 7
General Knowledge
22 points

1) A natatorium is what type of amenity?

2) What causes Lily Tomlin to shrink in the 1981 film The Incredible Shrinking Woman?

3) Which Mediterranean plant used in medicine and magic was said to shriek when pulled from the ground?

4) Who plays "Dr. McDreamy" on the TV show "Grey's Anatomy?

5) In golf, if you choose to retake a poor shot, what is it called?

6) Who wrote the novel A Clockwork Orange?

7) Which geographical feature in the United States was once filled with a lake, approximately 600 feet deep, called Lake Manly?

8) Name the musical that features the songs "Big, Blonde And Beautiful", "Good Morning Baltimore" and "Cooties."

9) What is Hanson's disease commonly known as?

10) Which NHL team is known to their fans as 'The Habs'?

11) What Pixies song was played for the Mars Rover Opportunity when it “woke up” after a software update and reboot? A) Here Comes Your Man b) Monkey Gone to Heaven c) U-Mass d) Where Is My Mind?

Tiebreaker: According to NYCDOT What is the total length including approaches of all the bridges that span the East River in New York City? Express your answer in feet.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Questions from PQ # 99

We had a record 72 people attending pub quiz on Tuesday night, nearly running myself and Jen completely into the ground. It was fun, challenging, and also heartwarming to see so many folks out for our quiz. Here's the questions:

Round 1
Gems and Minerals
10 points

1) The hardness of a mineral is measured on what scale?

2) This cardinal gem, the birthstone for February, saw its price plummet after large deposits of it were found in Brazil. Name the gem.

3) Graphite and Diamonds are examples of polymorphs- minerals that have the same chemical composition, but different crystal structures. What is their chemical composition?

4) How many different crystal lattices are there? A) 14 b) 17 c) 21 d) 28

5) The mineral Halite is better known as what?

6) Do gemstones have cleavage?

7) Tiger’s Eye, Citrine, and amethyst are all forms of what gem?

8) The way a mineral’s surface interacts with light is called what?

9) Attractiveness, durability, rarity, fashion and size all make up a gem’s what? A) earage b) ego c) essence d) esteem

10) Georgius Agricola is considered to be the father of mineralology. In what European country was he born?

Round 2
Puget Sound Gets Down
12 pts

1) What was the name of Nirvana's first full length album?

2) After Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone passed away, what was the name of the tribute band that other area musicians formed in his honor?

3) What year was Pearl Jam's album "Ten" released?

4) True or False: Nirvana was formed in Tacoma, Washington.

5) What band's current lineup is Jerry Cantrell, Mike Inez, Sean Kinney and William DuVall?

6) Grunge band Silverchair does not hail from Seattle, nor are they American. From what country are they imported?

7) What was the name of the grunge band fronted by Matt Dillon in the movie "Singles"?

8) What didn't happen during Nirvana's performance at the 1992 VMA's? a) Kurt trashed their equipment b) Kris hit himself in the head with his bass c) they played "Smells like Teen Spirit" d) Dave taunted Axl Rose

9) Name the band that released such 90s hits as Rusty Cage and Fell on Black Days?

10) Fill in the blank in the Pearl Jam song "Jeremy" the final lyric reads "Try to forget this, try to erase this from the ______?

11) Nirvana's video for the single "In Bloom" is a parody of what?

12) Which of the following grunge bands is has all-female members? A Hole B. L7 C. Veruca Salt D. Screaming Trees

Round 3
Match Round
13 points

Match the Identity to the person's secret identity.

Round 4
Bizarro World
16 points

1) Neptune Sinking

2) Noon Walk

3) Nice Boys

4) Green Chill

5) Your Worst Enemy’s Divorce

6) The Prisoner

7) The Oranges Sisters

8) The Touchables


Round 5
Dead or Canadian: Surf or Turf?
10 points

You will be given the name of an exotic dish, and must determine if it is meat or seafood.

1) Siga Wat

2) Sledzie Marynowane

3) Fritadas de Camaron

4) Pot-au-feu

5) Fuqi Feipian

6) Bombil Fry

7) Yakizakana

8) Pochouse

9) Katlyeti

10) Sukiyaki

Round 6
Picture Round
15 points

Round 7
General Knowledge
24 points

1) What was the name of the law firm that Ally McBeal worked for?

2) Name the country that has been ruled by the Grimaldi dynasty for over 700 years?

3) True or False: In the human body there are 46 pairs of chromosomes.

4) Who was the only child vampire in Anne Rice’s novels?

5) Henry Mancini had a hit with the song "Moon River," but who sang the Oscar winning version from the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's?"

6) The 1986 movie Running Scared featured the antics of two Chicago detectives. Who played the two main characters?

7) Kilgore Trout is the alter ego and pen name of what author?

8) Which Lord of the Ring star served as the translator for the 1980 Swedish hockey team? A) Andy Serkis B) Viggo Mortensen C) John Rhys-Davies D) Ian McKellan

9) In the 1970's Belgium was divided in three regions, one of which is Brussels. Name 1 of the other 2 regions.

10) Scrimshaw is art work made from what material?

11) Which planet was discovered in 1781 by Frederick Herschel?

Tiebreaker: What is the shortest driving distance from Soldier Field to the Metrodome? Express your answer in yards.